These are the stories cops tell their families at the dinner table. The twelve stories in this collection describe the humorous aspects of the job, allowing kids to partake in a reading ride-along. The tales range from searching for criminals on top of a construction site to pulverizing a Christmas tree.

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Excerpts of some of the short stories:

Stop or I’ll Shoot!
When Officer Lance Yandell answers a call to a shoe store to investigate a robbery, he turns a corner and he finds himself face-to-face with an armed man.
He’s never had to fire his weapon in the line of duty. Will tonight be the night? Can Officer Yandell fire in time to save his life, or will this criminal get the drop on him?
Out on a Beam
Officer Kim Brunetti isn’t afraid of much. Snakes, vicious dogs, and armed men don’t frighten her. But there is one thing that scares her.
When she follows a fellow officer out onto a construction site, she soon finds herself clinging to a narrow I-beam high above the pavement. Now that she knows she is afraid of heights, how will she get down without losing her life or her dignity?
Armed with Words
Officer Craig Crofton is trying to teach his partner not to answer every problem with her fists. Linda wants to be a tough cop, but Craig has to teach her that she could win more fights with persuasion and trickery than with brute force.
When the two officers respond to an argument at the home of a drunk man who has locked himself inside with his newborn daughter, Linda surprises Craig with her clever solution.
Armed and Trained
Officer Marco Vanelli was having a great day until a thief shot him in the head. He just learned his wife is expecting twins, but his plans change when he is called to a report of shots fired.
He learns his training can save his life, even when he’s the officer down. As his training officer always said, “no matter how well you are trained, bad things happen. When bad things happen, your training will save you.”
Bear on the Playground
Officer Malcolm Jenison loved animals. Good thing, since he was a canine officer with the police force. His former dog Paco would do anything to protect Malcolm and his family.
When Malcolm and his new dog Sparky encounter a bear on a school playground, he has to decide what to do. He doesn’t want to hurt the bear, but he can’t leave the school children in danger, can he?
Sledding into Trouble
Officer Drew Kroll just wanted a quiet lunch. He’d already pepper sprayed himself that morning and he needed a few minutes alone. Fortunately, his family was out, so he could eat at home in peace.
His son Toby’s phone call killed that plan. His boys had been robbed and their sleds stolen. Drew sprang into action. In the war on crime, even the small battles count.
Rookie on the Beat
As the police department’s newest hire, Alexis had much to learn. For example, don’t tell the bad guys you’re coming, or they might run away. Or how to make mosquitoes work for her, chasing criminals into jail just to escape their nasty bites. And, of course, how to figure out where she needed to go BEFORE cranking up her siren.
Tonight, she and another female officer are sent to break up a riot involving hundreds of people. How can two patrol cars sound like an invading army?
Cold Butter on the Roof
Pete Butters was tired of sitting on the roof of the bowling alley during one of the coldest days of winter. Surveillance seemed much more glamorous on television. Still, someone had to watch for the guys who were breaking into cars in the parking lot.
He’d better do a better job on this surveillance detail than he had last week, when he’d actually helped a man steal a large, heavy object. That had been hard to explain to his chief. He was determined to prove himself by capturing these thieves. Still, maybe he had time to go get a quick cup of coffee first. What harm could it do?

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